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Re: [IP] picking a pump

>D-tron, H-tron, and Animas is every 3 minutes.  The new Paradigm is every 
>12-14 minutes (I think), and I could not find a number for the Minimed 
>508.  SHouldn't this be part of the decision?  The choice of different 
>cannulas seems to be great for each brand.  I like the programmed basal 
>rates that Animas has.  You can set a rate for weekends, sick days, etc 
>and just hit a button when needed.  Isn't that correct?  Do the others 
>offer that?  The size of the pump and battery life seem similar.  What 
>other differences should I be aware of?   Thank you.
>Jennifer Haugland (Jennifer Cardinale, DVM)


Here is a site that outlines all the pumps .


Here is a side by side comparison of the pumps except the Paradigm:


As far as the Cannulas ( infusion sets) they are all the same all the sets 
are currently made by the same company but packaged for the different pump 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

Brian Carter
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