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[IP] picking a pump

	I know this is probably a bad time to ask this but I did help picking a 
pump.  Everyone says it is a personal choice but what do I base it on?  I 
will be seeing the diabetes educator soon and she sells/supplies 
Diestronics.  I have reading the literature and have a few questions.
	First of all being waterproof is not a big concern for me.  The basal rate 
injections per hour I would think is a big deal.  D-tron, H-tron, and 
Animas is every 3 minutes.  The new Paradigm is every 12-14 minutes (I 
think), and I could not find a number for the Minimed 508.  SHouldn't this 
be part of the decision?  The choice of different cannulas seems to be 
great for each brand.  I like the programmed basal rates that Animas 
has.  You can set a rate for weekends, sick days, etc and just hit a button 
when needed.  Isn't that correct?  Do the others offer that?  The size of 
the pump and battery life seem similar.  What other differences should I be 
aware of?   Thank you.

Jennifer Haugland (Jennifer Cardinale, DVM)
email @ redacted
399 Critchfield Rd.
Somerset, PA 15501
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