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[IP] re: IP - School & responsibility


We have a simplified chart for correction boluses that Nora (7) will add 
into her lunch bolus (which is written out for her in a log that travels to 
and from school each day).  She is supervised when she does her bolus, and 
her classroom teacher verifies that the amount is correct before Nora 

She seems comfortable with the amount of oversight at school; she is very 
cooperative about doing her diabetes tasks there.  At home, we do a lot for 
her, and we're all comfortable with that, too.

She surprised me last night, announcing that she had her first pump alarm 
during one of her "special subject" classes yesterday.  She was so blase 
about it; I asked her what she did.  She related the steps she took to 
resolve it (all correct and appropriate) and the teacher (fairly unfamiliar 
with pumping and all) took it in stride.

Question:  should she have called me in this instance, or only if she 
couldn't resolve it?  I'm proud that she calmly handled the situation and 
don't want to discourage her from feeling capable, but...

Sally, mom to Nora, 7 dx 4/98, R-1000 11/00
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