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[IP] Re:Disetronic - Bad Customer Service

Natalie A. Sera,

Sorry, I wasn't sure how to write you name correctly
since there are several different members who are
named Natialie. I totally agree with what you have
said. Perhaps, in my first post I was a bit sarcastic
and didn't provide all the facts. Disetronic sent out
a mailer, then stated additional information on their
web site, which includes the below information (FAQs).
Bascially, they have quit selling the parts that make
the pump completely waterproof. The red tappets keep
water from getting into the cartridge area. The
cartridge area is closed off from the motor, but I
wouldn't want to get water or dirt there. 

When I bought the H-Tron Plus they sold me big time on
the waterproof feature, then they come back 2 years
later and tell me for your own good you should no
longer take the pump in the water. Aren't we a good
company for not hiding our problem from you? I would
have been pleased if they had said, The pump is no
longer waterproof, but we are going to correct the
error or we are in the process of doing so. As far as
I know that hasn't been published. 

"Avoid any contact of the insulin pump with water"

"Question: Do I still need to use red tappets? 
Answer: No - red tappets are no longer necessary
because your pump should not be used in water. If you
have any please discard them."

My local reps tells me other customers don't have a
problem with it. I don't believe they fully understand
the extent of Disetronic's message. Doesn't Minimed
have a guarantee, if you dunk your pump in water on
accident they will fix or replace it? 

Andrea Seitz
Still an unhappy Disetronic User

>Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 07:35:55 -0800
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Re:Against Bad Customer Service

>Personally, I think that when a company sells a 
>product in good faith,there should be no lawsuits.
>However, I ALSO think the company should
>replace the defective items, or refund the money -- 
>not just tell people there might be dangers. 

>In D's case, they DO have a different product that 
>could replace the defective one -- it would cost them
>a bunch of money, but the customer good-will is

>It may take them a while to recoup their losses, but
>I really admire an ethical business, don't you??? 


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