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RE: [IP] H-tron and lawsuit - Against Bad Customer Service

Lisa wrote:

>>I have had nothing but absolutely wonderful
and prompt service from Disetronic.  I realize YMMV but, in all fairness, it
would not be right to have a broad statement posted.  I am very proud of my
Disetronic pump.  I am sorry that you feel the way you do about them, may I
suggest bringing your feelings to Disetronic's attention via email or phone
call.  Most companies would be very interested in getting the specifics in
order that they may be able to resolve them and prevent any future issues.<<

I've had good service too, my rep is wonderful.  I emailed him a message
about the water issue, and he called me the same day!  We talked about it
and while I think Disetronic should have made available an alternative such
as a waterproof case, they're probably just doing what their lawyers advise
them to do.  And, while the offer of a trade for a D-Tron might be desirable
to some, I don't especially want a D-Tron when I can keep my 2 H-Trons.
Water is not a serious issue for me, since I don't wear my pump in the water
anyhow since the activity makes me go low.

Just my 2 cents worth too.

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