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No Subject

Sounds a lot like this past Sunday's Dilbert Strip where marketing
considers customers to be enemies.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Like arn't they enemies. I worked in a programming shop where customers were
not allowed ( yes not allowed) to talk to us the programmers, they had to
leave messages with customer service contacts who were unable to walk and chew
gum at the same time. It was great, half the messages were unintelligible, the
other half made no sense at all. the worst problem was when one of the
customers worked in another area of the same company and would call to take
one of us out to lunch to resolve problems they were having. talk about a red
face.half of the problems were caused by inability to read our manuals some of
which looked like they were written in Bialystock for users in Uzbeckistan!
most of the problems were resolved by well why doesn't the manual say such and
such, well it does but it was written by a guy who speaks Uzbeck and lives in
East Timor. When I suggested a rewrite of the manuals at a meeting everyone
looked at me like i was nutz.
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