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[IP] Disetronic

 IT seems like some people have jumped at teh chance
to bounce on D b/c of the waterproofness thing. The
letter made me mad because of the whole warranty
thing,a nd the fact I always shower with my pump on,
but after talking with my rep I am NOT concerned at
all. WHen I was on MiniMed and it DID overdeliver (it
can) I was worried. 
 Disetronic has not been able to replicate the claims,
but out of concern for customers are issuing a
warning. And personally, I know when I got my pump I
was told to look for cracks b4 going in water (duh)
and my rep even had a cracked pump to show me what it
would look like. I have dropped my pump several times,
I shower with it daily, and no problems. 
When I was on MIniMed it didn't hit the floor b/c I
had short tubing back then but it had problems.. there
is a lot of "alleged" stuff and both companies have
had issues, ie static, software probs, that I think
it's too soon to jump to conclusions or scare new
pumpers off of a company.

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