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Re: [IP] School and responsibility


  Hi this is Sylvia, Joshua's mom and he too is 9 and in the third grade.  At 
his school they have this new health office aide.  She use to work in the 
cafeteria.  Anyway, she watches Josh do his numbers at lunch and is also 
available for him if he goes low in one of his classes, like PE.  She CAN NOT 
actually do the testing and she can NOT tell him how much to bolus but she 
CAN call me whenever it is necessary to ask what I think needs to be done.  
She has a supply of frosting tubes, glucose tabs for those times when he goes 
low and she CAN do that!  I have given both her and the RN who travels around 
the county and is only at his school on wednesdays if we are lucky, all of 
the current bolus information.  Josh knows how to figure out his high bolus 
supplement and I, too, write down all of his meal info and how much to bolus 
for each item as well as the total, in case he decides not to eat something.  
And he boluses for a high BEFORE eating and boluses for the meal AFTER eating 
and Lynnette makes contact with him at both times to make sure he does this 
(we had a BIG problem with him NOT remembering before).  You need to work 
with the school and see what or whom they've got to work with you.  If you 
have any more questions Moira, please write to me off list so we can compare 

mom to Joshua
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