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Re: [IP] School and responsibility

Hi -

I have a 8 yo daughter (third grade) who does all of her correction and meal calculations - BUT not by herself.  The health room assistant verifies every calculation and also helps with totaling the meal carbs.  I want Regan to take responsibility and at the same time, I want her to know that there is always an adult she can count on for help.  

We just started pumping in October and up 'til this week, I had been packing her lunch with a post-it note inside which detailed the carb content of every item in the lunch.  She could pick and choose what she wanted to eat - they just added the appropriate items for the meal carb content.  

This week has been a new adventure!  Regan wants to eat the school lunch just like her buddies.  Now, Regan and I review the school menu for the day and I send a note that gives guidelines for the lunch.  For example - if the menu says " Hot dog, potato chips, grapes ", I will send a note like "Hot dog - just count the roll - ~22 g,; potato chips - 1 oz. 15 g; grapes - about 17 small (3 oz.) 15 g".  I let Regan and the health room assistant make the determination of actual carb content. Does anyone have a better method for school lunches?

Cindy (mom to Regan 8, dx'd 4/97, pumping 10/00)
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