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Re: [IP] insulin resistance and type 1's

Yes, Type I's can become insulin resistant.  I am a perfect example.  I take
GLUCOPHAGE and it has done wonders in improving my insulin resistance.  I am
about 20# overweight, but have always shown the resistance.  My A1C went from
11 to 7.5 in just 3 months for Glucophage therapy.  I have been taking in for
about 2.5 years now.  And there is a new extended release form of the
Glucophage that is less hard on the GI tract.  I will be requesting to change
to it next week when I see my endo.

Type I's will not benefit from the oral meds that stimulate your pancreas to
make more insulin...that won't happen in us.  We can only benefit from the
ones that improve the body's use of insulin or sensitivity, or the ones that
can decrease the amount of glycogen converted into glucose in the liver.
is a common misconception among Type I's and their reasons for not
questioning their MDs on the use of oral meds.  The big benefit is that
overall basal rates can be reduced because there is less glycogen conversion
in the liver and there for less basal insulin is needed.

Glucophage, however, can not be taken DURING pregnancy.

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio
IDDM X 18+ years, Pumping since 1/4/1995.
(First with Disetronic, now with MM 508 and much happier!)
And remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!
e-mail:    email @ redacted
'Diabetes is a disease of complications waiting for them to happen.' - - -
Mary Tyler Moore

In a message dated 3/20/2001 11:57:15 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> Do type 1's become insulin resistant also?  If so, can they be treated with
> some of those oral hypoglycemics or insulin sensitizers also?  Just curious
> to know if any other type 1's have had this happen.  I seem to be getting
> this problem.  I was extremely insulin resistant during pregnancy (approx.
> 600 units of Regular per day).  Nothing like that now but still requiring
> more insulin to do the job.  I use humalog in my MM508.  I exercise
> regularly also.  Thanks.
> Geneece
> dx'd 87
> pump 7/00
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