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[IP] Re:Against Bad Customer Service

>Personally, I think that when a company sells a product in good faith,
>there should be no lawsuits. However, I ALSO think the company should
>replace the defective items, or refund the money -- not just tell people
>there might be dangers. 

This pretty much sums up how we feel. We don't think D *intentionally*
sold us a product which was defective, and we don't want to sue them
because overall we are pretty happy with the pump. HOWEVER, if they no
longer consider the pump waterproof then the product IS defective
according to their own description of the product, and they should do
something about it - such as replace it with another product which is
waterproof, or arrange for their customers to obtain a pump from another
company. Of course they will lose money, but at least they can avoid a
big costly lawsuit, and proper handling could even save them many
customers. I for one would rather be with a company that is honest about
problems and works to fix them than a company that intentionally hides
potentially dangerous problems just to save money. Since the number of
problems reported is so small and they haven't been able to replicate
the problem, it doesn't seem that they would have been required in any
way to report this problem, but they did anyway. At any rate, we are
going to give them a little time to decide what (if anything) they
intend to do to resolve this issue before getting really upset and
threatening lawsuits.
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