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[IP] Thrush (Candida Albacans)

> Kim,
>      Did the doc tell you why it's common?
> My doctor told me that it is common for
> diabetics to get thrush/yeast infections
> either orally or in the genital area. The reason
> for this is that if a diabetic has high blood
> sugar, yeast feeds on sugar and likes
> warm/moist/wet places.
>        To aliviate some of the pain, my
> doc said on top of the medication, eat some
> yogurt with live cultures in it so it will help
> get rid of the infection.  Also, there is stuff
> that you can 'paint' her mouth with to get rid
> of the infection and I'm not sure how to spell
> it, maybe some of the people on the list will
> know, it's purple in color and is called,
> Gintchur Violet... at least that's what it
> sounds like. :o)
> I hope she feels better soon.
> All my best,
> Elizabeth

Every word true Liz. Gentian violet is a biological stain that kills Candida
Albacans, the yeast that causes thrush but it takes days and days and it looks
so scary with a deep violet mouth or other anatomical part not generally
viewed by the world. A short course of diflucan can kill it in a few days but
its expensive and HMO's don't like their docs prescribing it also simple
mycostatin mouth wash painted on or gargled. works well. Another reason is
antibiotics that kill bacteria that produce acid and inhibit the growth of
candida albacans. most often seen this way as vaginal infections. said to be
very itchy and distressing. Mycostatin suppositories work well for this as do
frequent vinegar douches, I am told. frequent douching will also kill these
necessary bacteria which benefit  woman as well as men.

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