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[IP] praises for vacationing with the pump!

    Hi everyone!  I usually just read the digest, but I feel like I must 
share our wonderful experience and encourage those still thinking about the 
pump.  My 10 year old daughter (Stevie) has been on the Animas pump for two 
months now, and our lives are once again able to be flexible and spontaneous. 
 You forget what you've lost sometimes until you get it back!
    For my kids' spring break we took them to "Beaches" in Turks and Caicos, 
having had a blast at the one in Negril two years ago.  I was nervous about 
traveling with the pump, but took tons of backup supplies just in case.  She 
wore the pump in a little pump-pack around her waist in the ocean and pool 
(including the waterslides) for a week with no problems!  Pumping allowed her 
to sleep in (one day until 10:30!), eat when and what she wanted, even spend 
a night in her friend's room without us worrying.  The freedom is 
    We had an alarm the second to last day, and without checking it out, 
Stevie assumed it was a battery alarm, so changed them.  It was really an 
occlusion, so she ended up changing the tubing and took care of it fine.  She 
swam with it again on the last day, but when we got to the airport back in 
the USA, got a battery alarm.  When I opened up the battery compartment, it 
looked like maybe the seal hadn't been tight.  We put in fresh batteries 
again, thinking maybe we had a bad batch... The next morning the alarm went 
off again, and new batteries wouldn't work, so I knew the pump had gone bad!  
I immediately called Animas, who contacted their local rep.  She drove over 
to our house within an hour and brought us a loaner, programmed it, and told 
us that if we were traveling outside the country to call ahead and they would 
lend us a pump to take as backup (since they wouldn't be able to get us a new 
one quick enough).  They overnighted us a brand new pump which we got 
yesterday, updated with new features, and are back in action!  I can't say 
enough about how wonderful Animas is to work with!  Every person I have 
spoken with there has bent over backwards to make sure we are completely 
satisfied.  It has been this way beginning with them handling all of the 
insurance paperwork to getting supplies to sorting out this problem.
    I'm sure the other two pump companies are great too, but I strongly 
recommend Animas to anyone trying to decide which pump to choose.  The 
waterproof feature really does work, and they stand behind their product and 
truly understand the meaning of customer service.  By the way, since pumping 
Stevie has thinned out since we are no longer force feeding her because of 
peaking NPH.  The highs are simple to correct, and her blood sugars have been 
easier to regulate.  Ain't life grand!!!
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