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[IP] Re:Against Bad Customer Service

Andrea Seitz wrote:
>The handling of
> this waterproof issue is another example of the
> customer not being first at Disetronic.

This thread reminds me of the periodic discussions and pointing at one
or another of the companies as not being customer oriented, and the
other being far better.

I think, in fact, that any business is at the mercy of its employees,
and if you get a bad one, you get a bad one.

I'm sure D is VERY embarrassed at this waterproofness issue --
especially because the consequence is overdelivery, which could be
EXTREMELY dangerous. 

Personally, I think that when a company sells a product in good faith,
there should be no lawsuits. However, I ALSO think the company should
replace the defective items, or refund the money -- not just tell people
there might be dangers. 

It's sorta like those bad tires awhile ago -- if you know the product is
bad, and can kill, then recall it IMMEDIATELY -- even if you save only
one life that way, you've done the right thing. 

In D's case, they DO have a different product that could replace the
defective one -- it would cost them a bunch of money, but the customer
good-will is priceless. 

It may take them a while to recoup their losses, but I really admire an
ethical business, don't you??? 

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