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Re: [IP] insulin resistance and type 1's

Geneece Pulley wrote:
> Do type 1's become insulin resistant also?  If so, can they be treated with some > of those oral hypoglycemics or insulin sensitizers also?

There are two different types of insulin resistance. One of them is
garden-variety, obesity-related insulin resistance, which is common in
Type 2's (Notice I didn't say obesity-CAUSED), and the other one is
immunologic insulin-resistance, in which the body manufactures
antibodies against insulin. Sometimes people with this problem need
thousands of units a day, whereas most Type 2's use increased, but not
enormous amounts of insulin. 

If you're having problems with insulin-resistance, the doc CAN do an
antibody test -- I don't know if it's expensive or widely available,

So the doc is also likely to look for clues as to the reason: do you
have a history of Type 2 in your family? Are you obese? Are you taking
large amounts of insulin, or MASSIVE amounts? The 600 units a day during
pregnancy was pretty high.

If your insulin resistance is Type 2-related, then the
insulin-sensitizers might work -- some docs do use them and others are
adamantly against them. But if it's immunologic, you just have to wait
for it to go away. Which it usually does. But it's a TOUGH fight for a
while -- sometimes you need to go to U-500 insulin, just to be able to
get enough into you!

Good luck!
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