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Re: [IP] H-tron and lawsuit

"Class of five out of thousands"...hmmmm, You got the money, go for it.
Frankly it isn't going to work. Too much patient error and they can't even
duplicate the darn 'over delivery' crud anyway.

You got something stronger than that?

Still in water and cannot leave it poolside. HUMAN NATURE being what it is, it
(The pump) would grow legs at campus.

You DID send a copy of this to Disetronic, RIGHT? <G>

If -as you say- they didn't knowingly deceive, Why the: "Now, after they have
our money...." bit? It sounds as though you do indeed think they 'knowingly
tried to deceive'. I believe they have not.

Seven years and still no troubles.....
Jenny Sutherland
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  From: email @ redacted

  I am not a lawyer, but don't you think H-tron users could file a class
  suit because the company is unilaterally changing the terms of the warranty?
  Especially since the reason many of us chose the H-tron in the first place
  was precisely because it claimed to be waterproof.  Now, after they have our
  money, they say "oh, by the way, don't bathe, shower, or swim with the pump
  because you might suffer severe hypoglycemia."   Granted, they did not
  knowingly deceive, but the fact remains that the pump is not what it was
  advertised to be.  If you bought the H-tron expecting to get a waterproof
  pump,  Disetronic should replace it with their newer pump.

  Tom C.
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