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Re: [IP] Re: Waterproofness of the H-tron [Don't panic yet]

>2.  D is most likely reacting in a knee-jerk way as would any repsonsible
>company.  They are as afraid of the silly legal liability problems as
>anyone else in NA.  I would hate to be in their shoes.  i'd be sweating
>bullets that some jerk would deliberatle duplicate this malfunction in the
>hope of a succesful lawsuit!  I see no other way for D to cover their rear
>other than what they are doing - even if it is not their fault but the
>fault of careless users.

I personally think that D is just caring about D.  They should recall all 
the pumps and replace them with ones that can be used in the water, for 
that is how they sell them.  I went through this with them and the 
batteries.  They should have recalled a bunch of batteries, but didn't 
because they felt that people would call and then they would just replace 
them as needed.

>5.  What idiot would use a cracked pump?

I guess that would be me!  Back to my battery problem, after going round 
and round with D, they finally decided to have me send my pump in for 
inspection.  I was told that the pump was just fine, except for some 
crack.  Hence they chose to blame the battery problem on the crack.  I did 
eventually receive a replacement pump with the help of my local 
rep.  Anyway, I had no idea that the pump was cracked, not a clue, could 
have fooled me.

>The same one who would leave a
>tire with a broken cord on a car even if a good spare was in the trunk!

Well I haven't done that for I don't even know what a cord is on a tire! <VBG>

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