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Re: [IP] Re: Waterproofness of the H-tron [Don't panic yet]

>- Betsy...sounds like there needs to be a black market for red tappets for
>people who were unlucky enough to buy their disetronics AFTER the tappets
>were discontinued.

Hey, don't panic yet people!  Please keep this in mind:

1.  It is important to make our views known to D!

2.  D is most likely reacting in a knee-jerk way as would any repsonsible
company.  They are as afraid of the silly legal liability problems as
anyone else in NA.  I would hate to be in their shoes.  i'd be sweating
bullets that some jerk would deliberatle duplicate this malfunction in the
hope of a succesful lawsuit!  I see no other way for D to cover their rear
other than what they are doing - even if it is not their fault but the
fault of careless users.

3.  D will probably offer a solution given time and further testing.

4.  There are ways around using teh red Tappets - let's brainstorm on this
list.  I may use tape or permanently seal the holes on some caps and leave
the others open for use during air travel etc.

5.  What idiot would use a cracked pump?  The same one who would leave a
tire with a broken cord on a car even if a good spare was in the trunk!

6.  This situation is probably temporary but still we must make D
understand how important water-wear is to us  (Nothing wil stop me short of
pumping in the H20!  No way am i ever gonna limit my outings on my SeaDoo
to one hour!  I'd rather die!  (And I will from an insulin O/D if


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