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[IP] my updated profile

I have had Type I diabetes for 37 years. I became ill during my internship
which I thought was only a case of pneumonia, complicated by previously
undiagnosed diabetes. I started pumping Lispro insulin about a year ago after
another diabetic physician told me how much he liked his pump. I'd never go
back to MDI treatment which I was on for 25 years. I've had my share of
complications, several coronary events, a stroke and heart failure. I went on
Social security disability and quit private practice I'm lucky to have my
teeth and toes. Being a physician I was able to avail myself of the best
medical care available in the area. I purposely steered away from HMO's and
other insurance that limited my access to physicians. It was worth every penny
to keep a safe distance from that kind of insurance. I was a neuro-oncologist
and did pain control and palliative care. I teach and do post graduate
research in immunological damage mechanisms, nitric oxide and free radicals as
well as cellular death signaling mechanisms I also continue to teach in
medical school. I also study the role of c-peptide in the production of
diabetic neuropathy I don't like to be called doctor it sends chills down my
back. I was married to my first wife for 32 years. She died of breast cancer
in 1992. I married the present mrs spot in 1996. I have 2 kids both of whom
have kids, both of whom are over 30 and tell me what to do. have been educated
by my diabetes in all of the usual complications except high blood pressure
and kidney failure. I have several hobbies, music, computers, history of
medicine and writing short stories. I work as a voluntary faculty member in
two medical schools here and in Philadelphia and in Newark NJ as well as my
old connection at Mount Sinai hospital in NY. Pop Pops of the world unite. My
first endo here was lousy but my current endo is great. Often go to pump- user
group meeting at Friends Central in Wynwood  PA if a neighbor can drive me. or
Pascack Valley hospital pump group in westwood nj. only if its not too dark to
drive home.

Spot  and my blue minimed 508 christine.
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