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Re: [IP] is pump a necessity

This is what I dealt with all the while. Medic-aid doesn't want to spend money
on anything long term, only the bottom line this year matters most.

Up until a couple of years ago, here anyway, people on SSI or welfare were and
to some extint still are, viewed as a social blight and must be erradicated
through witholding treatments which may make their lives better.

I am always being denied jobs because of very bad eyesight, then am getting
flak for not working...OK, Whatever...But to take it out on little kids is, as
you said, 'heartless'.

Just be careful: If someone gave me things or money ...say, a trust for pump
things etc....The SSA Here would count it as "Income" and deduct from the
benefits that I or the parents are getting.

Rosie O'Donnell had a show a couple of years back and had an extended family
of disabled adults and children, she arranged for them all to have gifts like
clothes and new shoes and such, toys, games etc...and SSA was going to take
their bennies away because of it.  I think it got resolved when half of
Hollywood and the USA wrote into the SSA in voiciferous outrage.

But this is what we're dealing with.

Jenny Sutherland
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