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[IP] Hypos make me stubborn...

I told you guys about my mysterious 24 bg before lunch on Friday. I've been thinking a little about how to prevent them by working on my basals and how to treat them by keeping the right snacks around the office. The problem is, when I'm low, I get stubborn. Is anyone else like this??  Sometimes I just insist I'm not low.  I'm sweating profusely, slurring my speech, and swaying when I walk, but I couldn't possibly be low because it isn't lunch time yet.  I should finish what I'm
working on because it's not time to eat. Or I will have some perfectly good glucose tabs in my purse, but I'd rather stumble down the hall to the vending machine and stare at the candy bar choices for ten minutes. Sometimes I can't even remember how to put the change in!  (I guess this stubborn trait is from a childhood of candy deprivation where only hypos made candy okay). It's very frustrating to look back on this later and realize how unreasonable you were being.
But I know how I am, so I am stocking my purse with fruit-flavored Mentos. A good, chewy hypo cure.
And I also ordered the Walsh Pumping Insulin book online yesterday.  It sounds dumb, but I didn't realize I didn't have it.  Mini-Med sent me a book with my new pump in August, and I just assumed it was the book everyone talked about.  I'm looking forward to reading the Walsh book now.

Sherry C
Who is stubborn and wants fruity Mentos when she's hypo-drunk
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