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[IP] Re: Pump a Necessity...

I know how frustrated you feel as our Endo did/does not feel the pump is a
necessity.  She agreed to let us do it (i was doing it anyway!), but has not
had any positive input or given us ANY assistance at all.  When I approached
Service groups in our small town to cover the cost for the Pump, I needed a
letter of "necessity" from the Endo or no funding!  I was so sick about asking
her as I knew she was against it.  She did send one in the end ( a very
general letter) but I was so mad!  It was OUR decision and no one should stand
right in our way! The government here in Manitoba, Canada also feels it is NOt
a necessity although if the endo would agree to it we would all have our pumps
funded!!! Very frustrating that one person could lord that power over so many
people.  My heart breaks for all those other kids who cannot even have the
opportunity to pump.  When we go to a support group meeting at the clinic or
even for appointments my family and the only other pumping kid and their
family are made to feel like we are some kind of secret experiment and are
never talked about to others....like it is all hush hush.  Inevitably when
pumper-family 2 and us meet other families with D kids they are instantly
whispering questions to us as they are afraid to ask the endo...Sad isn't

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