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[IP] is pump a necessity

My turn to vent. There was an article in our local paper last Friday
about a 4 year old girl who needs an insulin pump. Her mother is on
social assistance (welfare), and they told her the pump isn't a
necessity, so the government  won't pay for it. I'm like a raging bull
over this. I phoned the government social assistance department and
talked to someone about it and left a message on their supervisor's
voice-mail to call me. I also called my provincial member of parliament
and lodged a complaint regarding the treatment of this case. As far as
I'm concerned, this girl should have an insulin pump and who do they
think they are deciding that it isn't a necessity? This is the kind of
cost I want my taxes to cover, not some of the other  harebrained things
I hear about that they do pay money for.  My family has contributed to a
trust fund set up for this girl, and I will continue to complain about
this heartless decision.  Debbie Davies, mother of Blake, 11, happily
pumping, Ontario Canada


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