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Re: [IP] Hope to get pregnant

Hi! Congrats on getting the go ahead!
I think it is a bit scary and overwhelming to begin thinking about 
pregnancy whether or not you have diabetes. I'm on my third pregnancy and 
every time I've had that positive pregnancy test I had a mix of emotions - 
thrilled and elated, but scared to death and wondering if I really knew 
what I was doing.
Please feel free to ask any questions and I can share my experiences.

I did NOT see a perinatalogist - just a regular OB-GYN. I do know that when 
it came time to deciding exactly when to induce I do know that my OB 
consulted with the perinatalogist who was on-call at the hospital at the 

One other suggestion in choosing OBs to make sure that your OB and diabetes 
doctor both have privileges at a tertiary care hospital that has a state of 
the art NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).  Your baby may not have any 
problems, but I wanted to be sure that if mine did, expert help was right 
there and they wouldn't have to be transferred to a bigger hospital or 
anything.  ALso the bigger hospitals tend to have better ultrasound 
machines and more experienced ultrasound techs. I had my ultrasounds at the 
hospital and felt more certain they would pick up anything that might be 
wrong (and that I could trust them when they said everything looked great!)
- betsy

Betsy Polley
email @ redacted
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