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[IP] Hope to get pregnant

I've been reading all the pregnant posts and have found them all interesting.
My endo gave me the "go ahead" and told me to "let her know when/if I get
pregnant."  I have so many questions, and I'm just not sure I'm ready.  But, I
kind of get the feeling that you never feel like you are completely ready
(either financially or emotionally or whatever.)  Anyways, I know that I've
read from posts that several of you went to perinatologists.  Did they oversee
your whole pregnancy, or did you also have a separate obgyn?  Also, should I
plan to see a peri BEFORE I get preg?  Finally, does anyone know of any good
diabetes and pregnancy books?  I tend to worry about everything, and I figure
the more info I have the less there is for me to worry about.
Thanks in advance!!
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