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Re: [IP] Re: Waterproofness of the H-tron

At 11:06 AM 3/20/01, you wrote:
>It seems like many of you with the H-tron will continue to use it in water,
>but maybe inspect for cracks more often.
>My question is this:  D said that the red tappets will no longer be for sale.
>  Do you use these to make your pump waterproof when near or in water?

Actually the little red tappets never rally made the H-Trons water proof 
they really just make it harder for larger partials in water such as dirt 
and when used in salt water as well as sand at the beach and such from 
getting into the cartridge compartment.  the cartridge compartment is 
totally sealed from the electronics compartment.

I have only used the tappets in those situations.  if you would like I can 
mail you the ones I have if I can find them.

I for one will continue to use the pump in water.  If cracks happen and 
water gets into the electronics it happens I will not let Diabetes or the 
method of treatment phase me or change my thinking.  The main reason for 
this way of thinking is that everyone around me knows what to do if 
something goes terribly wrong and I am not able to help myself.  (this is 
my own opinion and not to be taken to heart by any means of what others 

Brian Carter
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