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Re: [IP] Betsy Polley's Profile

--On Monday, March 19, 2001 2:59 PM -0500 email @ redacted wrote:r
> I'm still working a bit on my basals, but the am's are getting better.
> For some reason I need about 2 times the amount of basal between 12 - 7am.

Melanie - what an amazing story about going OVERDUE as a diabetic! I am 
very impressed! And to be only 9 lbs is absolutely fantastic. Did she have 
any hypoglycemia?  KUDOS to you.

As far as basals, I need about double basals from about 6 am to 9 am...I 
wake up around 8. i have always had a strong dawn phenomenon (where the 
hormones that rise as you are waking also raise your BG)...that was my MAIN 
reason for going on a pump - because I needed that big boost of insulin in 
the early morning and couldn't do that with "flat" long lasting insulins. 
Your needs seem to go up early...are you using regular or humalog? And do 
you get up early?  If you're using regular each hour's basal is not really 
taking effect a few hours later.
Betsy Polley
email @ redacted
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