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[IP] MiniMed Introduces New Infusion Set For Diabetes Treatment

MiniMed Introduces New Infusion Set For Diabetes Treatment 
NORTHRIDGE, Calif., March 20 - 
The Quick-set(TM) offers new features for people using insulin pump therapy 
       MiniMed Inc. (Nasdaq:MNMD) today announced the introduction of the Quick-set infusion set for use with insulin pump therapy for the treatment of diabetes. 
       The Quick-set combines the most favorable features of existing infusion sets into one product, including a low-profile disconnect at the infusion site and a 90-degree soft cannula. As with MiniMed's other sets, the Company also offers an auto insertion device, enabling the Quick-set to be inserted virtually painlessly at the touch of a button. Maersk Medical A/S, a Danish company, manufactures the Quick-set exclusively for MiniMed Inc. 
       Commenting on this new product, Alfred E. Mann, Executive Chairman, stated, "We are very pleased to offer the patented Quick-set to our customers, which also contains a safe needle disposal system to protect users from accidental sticking. MiniMed's insulin infusion pumps have provided diabetes patients with freedom from the daily regimen of multiple daily injections, and now the Quick-set adds additional benefits, providing a new choice for the treatment of diabetes." 
       Terrance Gregg, President and Chief Operating Officer, stated, "The Quick-set is the most advanced infusion set on the market and is yet another example of MiniMed's commitment to product innovation and responsiveness to our customers' needs. This new set performed extremely well in patient evaluations, and we are delighted to bring to market a new product which makes pump therapy even easier to use."  
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