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Re: [IP] Edge Park Surgical? -update

Hi everyone, thanks for all the nice notes about Edge Park - we will
keep them in mind if the following doesn't work out... This morning I
called the health ins just to double check if there might be any other
supply places closer to us, just in case. The person I talked to seemed
a bit confused and told me that since they don't have an agreement with
D that Shane couldn't get supplies for it either and he might have to
switch pumps. This conversation was less than productive, so after I
hung up I was checking out our health ins page on-line to be sure we
hadn't missed anything. I came across a "diabetes case manager" who is
supposed to work with diabetic patients on any problems. Wonder why no
one told us about this before??? Anyway, I called her and she was great!
She says they don't currently have an agreement with D but they are
working on one. She is calling our area rep from D and she says they
will work something out for us so we can keep getting our stuff directly
from D without paying extra charges for "out of network". Plus, she told
me they had just got in a supply of the Ultra meters and offered to send
us one free even though they had already sent Shane a Fasttake for free.

George Lovelace wrote:
> Laura,
> When I first got my pump, Disetonic was not "in-network"  And
> none of the suppliers that were had Disetronic.  So I just got D "in
> network" and it has worked out well.  Talk to the Ins. folks at D and
> they'll work with you to get themselves "qualified" and both of you
> will be better off.
> George
> (still wearing my H-tron in the shower)    ;>)
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