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[IP] re: Dis meeting in Ames, Iowa

Hi Trish! The meeting is on March 31 from 9am-noon, at the Holiday Inn
Gateway. Topics include: pump up your carb counting, how to optimize
control with advanced features, and newest advancements in pump therapy.
Even though you use Animas I would think you would be welcome because it
says right on the form that we are welcome to bring friends and other
people considering pumping. Call Larry O'Brien at 800-915-3698 ext 5736
by tomorrow (wed) to register. If they give you a hard time let me know
right away and we will just take you as a friend :)

Yes, Shane usually sees Nancy. I just called this morning and they said
they weren't rescheduling anything until the end of June. He has an
appointment with Dr. Carano in a week or 2, so we will just discuss any
problems with him and have him schedule the A1C for us. Shane is really
comfortable with adjusting his own rates and things, so the A1C is
really the only thing that concerns us. I also know there is 1 or 2
other CDEs there at the clinic so in a real pinch we could talk with one
of them. I know that at least 1 of the other CDEs was involved when we
did the CGMS a while back, so I don't think they should have to cancel
yours just because Nancy is gone.

By coincidence, Shane's eye specialist is out on medical leave (preg
with triplets!). He went to see someone she referred him to in DM last
week and they said everything looks great so unless he has problems he
doesn't need to have another checkup until the regular eye doc is back
in about 6months!

>I saw your post re a Disetronic meeting in Ames, Iowa.  When exactly is it,
>where, etc.?  I have an Animas pump but might be interested in coming.
>Usually some of the info is related to all pumps and I am always open to
>learning new things.  If I remember right, on an earlier post to me many
>months ago you said Shane went to Nancy Payne at McFarland.  If that is true,
>what is he doing now that she is gone for a few months?  I am just curious as
>the receptionist more or less told me I would just have to wait till she came
>back unless I had a real emergency.  I had papers in place to do a 3-day
>glucose sensor test this spring and am wondering if I really will have to wait
>months to get it lined up.
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