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[IP] Should computer software be included?

Hi everyone,
 Has anyone every wondered, or asked directly, the meter companies why their
software is not packaged with their meters?  I was just thinking about that
today and thought I would ask you all.  I also sent an email to Accu-chek to
ask them myself.  (posted below)   As I say in my email to Accu-chek how
many of us in this day and age by an electronic device with computer
interface capabilities and not receive the software to do it with in that
purchase?  I also mention the power of the almighty dollar.
Am I being unrealistic?

Sheila Morris

I am a current owner of an Advantage meter and a Complete meter(main use)and
I have the software for the Complete.  I was just wondering with so many
meter companies touting that their meter has download capabilities why is it
that the software does not come with the meter?  I wouldn't think of buying
a computer scanner that did not have software with it.  Can you imagine how
many people would switch meters just because they could get the software
included in the purchase of their meter?  Which would inturn mean the more
meters in use, the more test strips bought. $$$$    Has this been thought
about within the company?
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