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[IP] Thrush

Hi all,
  Saturday Ashley started complaining about pain in her tongue.  Then by 
Sunday she could not eat.  Well, as you know not eating is pretty scary. She 
had to me what looked like thrush in her mouth but, I had only seen it in 
baby's so I thought I must be wrong.  Well, it turns out that is exactly what 
it is.  And I was told it is common in diabetics.  I had not heard this 
before.  She is taking Nystatin orally.  It is not sugar free.  In fact they 
did not have any sugar free medicine for this.  Now if this is common in 
diabetics then why would they not have sugar free medicine?  That is just 
crazy to me.

  Kim...........Mom of Ashley(diabetic for 5 years & not pumping yet)
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