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Re: [IP] fruits


I use raisins to treat low bg because they are such a quick acting source of 
sugar.  Fruit's "natural sugar" as you call it, can raise your blood sugar 
just as quickly as the "natural sugar" from the refined sugar cane.  When the 
fruit is dried the sugars are more concentrated.  The advantage fruit has 
over the refined sugar cane is that you get some vitamins and fiber to go 
with your sweetness.

For years, I've limited my fruit consumption to treating lows, pre-exercise 
or a high  fiber fruit at the end of a big meal.  In these contexts it works 
for me.  I could never just snack on fruit and bolus for it.  It just 
wouldn't work. 

It sounds like your cracker habit was better for your blood sugar.  I find, 
unfortunately, that sometimes foods with few nutritional benefits have 
advantages in bg maintainence.  As a result, I eat a lot of social tea 
biscuits and graham crackers.  Not much fiber and vitamins, but they keep the 
bgs up without raising them too dramatically.

have fun experimenting,

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