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[IP] Good Spots

Sylvia said SNIP>>>>>>
  Have you ever tried the top part of your hiney?  My son Josh finally let
start doing this over a month ago (break from his tummy area) and now that
the only spot he really wants!  Less pain on insertion and THE BEST BGs he 
has ever had!!!  Just a thought!
Sylvia, mom to Joshua, Poulsbo, WA<<<<<SNIP

Hi Sylvia, 
Yes, I have tried them and you are right, they are less painful, only my
sites only last a day or two there.  I don't know why.   Frequently the
cannula gets bent easily (I attribute it to all that moving around the fat
does as I sit, walk, bend, etc.)   I would like to use it more, and I have a
lot of "hiney" to use...but for some reason I have not been as successful.
Sometimes I use one there just for a change - it does seem to be a perfect
place.  They just never last long enough. 

I forgot who asked about how you know it is the site - Pumping Insulin will
tell you.  I always know if two bolus's don't start bringing me down in 1/2
hour to 1 hour, it is the site.    

I decided the dried fruit mixes, like trailmix made of dried fruit, raisins,
mangos, peaches, etc., as a snack food.  Thinking it would be so healthful
and keep me away from crackers and such.   I am addicted to carbs and am
trying to cut back.   Well, I read the label, saw that it had some sugars
but not a lot and low carbs.  So I dug in.   Took me 3 bags to catch on to
the fact that is was sending my bgs through the roof.  First time, I ate a
couple handfuls about 9:00 PM - bolused 3.    Went to bed an hour or so
later at 120.   Fine.    Woke up in the night hot and restless, and was
340.....changed sites, thinking that was it.    Bolused 7 and went back to
sleep.  Woke up at 91.  Fine.

Ate a batch at work, bolused appropriately.    Three hours later 323....I
couldn't believe it...must be my site.  Changed, bolused and later
everything fine.  

Did the same thing one more time before I began testing - Whamo......it is
the dried fruit.   I realized that some of it had a really sweet taste and
you couldn't eat much of it because of that.  I assumed it was the fruits
natural sugars.    Well,  I don't know what it is but those things really
drive my bgs up.  

SO.....I am going to dry my own berries and bananas and mangos this summer
and those should be much better.  

We just keep learning, don't we?!!!

Have a great first day of spring!   Here in Alabama we have 4 inches of snow
and a winter weather advisory!    Most unusual for us.  We are all usually
in shorts by now.   Not this year!    For the first time in years, I don't
thing the Dogwoods will be blooming by Easter. 

Bonnie Richardson
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