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[IP] Disetronic - Waterproof Issue

I just received the letter from Disetronic on the
waterproof issue. I have owned a set of H-Tronplus
V-100 for two years. One of their main selling points
was the waterproof feature. They are now taking the
red tappets off the market, which are not totally
necessary for the pump to remain waterproof, but they
do protect water from getting down in the cartridge

Just because a few people did not follow instructions
they have gone to this extreme. The pumps' manual
clearly states, if a pump is cracked or chipped send
it in for service. It seems to me this is being taking
a bit far. The rest of the 60,000 customers should not
have the privilege of a waterproof pump taken away
because a handful of people didn't follow
instructions. If a person can't read and comprehend a
manual, they shouldn't be doing pump therapy. I called
Disetronic and told them, I bought a waterproof pump
and it should be replaced, if it is defective. 

We should all call and express our concerns to
headquarters as well as our local sales reps.

Just an opinion from,
Andrea Seitz

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