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Re: [IP] blood in canula

    As a rule of thumb, my 18 yr old daughter (pumping 5 yrs) always uses her 
insulin pen if she's ever higher than the low 300s when she checks ( unless 
she definitively knows it's food-related & the insulin hasn't finished 
working yet). Otherwise, just on the possibility that it could be a 
pump-related, site-related problem, she doesn't bother bolusing from the 
pump. Her #1 goal is to get that bg to drop & the pen enables her to do so 
until she can further investigate the cause. 9 times out of 10, she'll change 
the site when she gets home just for good measure. Also keep in mind that for 
many pumpers, a bg higher than mid-300s will NOT come down with the same 
correction factor you'd use to drop from a 190 to a 120. My daughter's site 
came loose once while baby-sitting & of course, compounding errors, she'd 
left the house without her purse, hence ZERO back-up ( other than good-old 
Mom & Dad who were an hour away). By the time I got to her, her bgs were 450. 
To correct to 120, she needed to come down 330 pts. which would factor out to 
be 8 units (she drops 40 pts/unit) BUT based on HER personal history, I knew 
she'd need 50 % more than that & so she took 12 units by pen. An hour later 
her bgs hadn't budged - also very common with a bg that high...sort of like a 
stubborn toddler refusing to move!!...but eventually they started to drop & 
did not bottom out. This of course is all TRIAL & ERROR and VERRRRRRY 
individualized.....but what is NOT unique to Melissa is the very important 
caveat to be wary of using the pump as your sole insulin source when your bgs 
are already high, "just in case"! Blood in the cannula alone would not 
necessarily impede the insulin being delivered - hence the absence of a "no 
delivery" alarm; however if the site has stopped absorbing, it's as if the 
insulin has pooled in that mysterious "black hole" where all the unaccounted- 
for insulin lands!
Regards, Renee - pump mom
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