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[IP] Animas Users - I need your help!

I have been using the Animas since last August.  Last night at 1:30, my
pump was alarming.  I woke up and look to see what the alarm was, but it
was only making the alarm sound and it was functioning as if it were fine
(no alarm message or code on the screen.)  I had no idea what was going
on, so I decided to change the batteries.  Upon changing the batteries, my
pump continued to sound, but this time giving the alarm "replace
batteries."  I did - 2 more times, and the pump would never shut up. 
ALSO, the pump has changed the date and time.  It now  thinks it is
January 10, 2000. (01-10-00)  The last time this happened (yes, it
happened once before), it was January 1, 2001.  I thought it had something
to do with (01-01-01).  Guess not.  I paged my rep and she said it sounded
like something was wrong with the lithium battery.  I went back on an U
shot for this morning, to avoid the highs.  I'm 16 weeks pregnant and am
concerned about running too high.  Anyway, my question is this: has this
happened to anyone else?  I will be getting a replacement pump tomorrow,
so that's good.  I'm just wondering if this is happening because of the
pump or human error.  Please cc me on your response, as I only get the
digest version.  email @ redacted


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