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[IP] 30 day follow-up on Amy's 11.8 A1c

Just a quick follow-up on Amy's high A1c in Feb. It's been 30 days now since 
that fateful dr. appt. with Amy at which we found out she isn't a perfect 
teen with diabetes! (Anyone out there who has one, let me know how you do 
it!! lol) Obviously we made some changes at our house -- some not so easy 
either, for her or us, her parents. Has it been perfect or hunky dory?? Nope. 
But it's been better! And surprisingly, she is much more relaxed and 
happy-go-lucky again, to a certain extent. The hardest part was not allowing 
her to go to the all night cast party for the play she was in. That just 
broke my heart. But it was a necessary step we felt towards her being 
responsible while she is away from home.

Her Dr. appt. yesterday was much better. Her A1c came down 2 points, from an 
11.8 to a 9.8 in that 30 days. She's still bouncing quite a bit though, and 
we are working on that daily. She gained back the 8 lbs she lost and then 
some, but with her track training, we all expected the gain sooner or later! 
She is running so much better, and had an awesome track meet on Saturday, 
where her bg range for the entire day was between 92 and 128 -- pretty good 
I'd say when running a 200m, 4x400 relay, 4x800 relay, and a 3200!! She 
definety is seeing her better control pay off! And the attitude -- let's just 
say I'm POUNDING, not knocking, on wood right now!  :-)

Getting back on track was easy -- it's the staying on track that will be 
tough for us all. Falling off that wagon hurt -- but I think it was a 
necessary evil to go through for us all.

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