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Re: [IP] re:pregnancy and pumping

--On Monday, March 19, 2001 9:26 PM -0500 "Jennifer C. Haugland" 
<email @ redacted> wrote:r

>	 Is pre-eclampsia more common in diabetics?

Yes.  I was told that the three main risk factors for pre-eclampsia are 
diabetes, pre-existing high blood pressure, and being a first pregnancy 
(it's less common in subsequent pregnancies).

I am normal weight and usually have very normal blood pressure (in the 
range of 110 over 70). In my first two pregnancies, despite good control on 
the pump (HbA1c's were at around 6.5 to 7 throughout) my blood pressure 
went up around 30 weeks pregnant. The other two signs of pre-eclampsia are 
spilling protein in your urine, and edema (swelling).  I had not been 
warned that pre-eclampsia was more common in diabetics. As long as it is 
caught early it is not terribly dangerous, although if your blood pressure 
continues to rise despite bedrest/hospitalization, they may have to induce 
you early since it's dangerous for both the mother and the baby. I remember 
with my first, who was induced 6 weeks early ( after a week on hospital 
bedrest), I asked if they shouldn't test for lung maturity before they 
induced me...I was told that whether or not the baby's lungs were mature, 
she and I would both be better off to get her out of there. She did have 
respiratory distress from being so early and was in NICU for a week and a 
half, but was absolutely fine within a few weeks of being born.

However, when considering getting pregnant with diabetes, the possibility 
of pre-eclampsia did not cause me any hesitation.  To be honest, I was much 
more concerned about the possibility of birth defects, but at least I felt 
I had some control over that because the risk is reduced to nearly normal 
with good diabetes control prior to conception.

Betsy Polley (type 1 27 yrs, pumper 6 yrs, on my third pregnancy with a 
pump and due in June)
email @ redacted
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