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[IP] my story about being PG on the pump

HI I have just recently rejoined the IP mail list. I have been on my pump for 
over two years now and was pregnant last year with my son who was born        
  8-29-00.  He was born at 36 weeks due to pre-ecplamsia but was going to be 
born three days later anyway by a scheduled c-section so it was not a big 
suprise.  He weighed 8#3oz which is pretty big for a month early!  I had 
monthly OB appt up to 20 weeks, then went to every other week until about 28 
weeks then I started the non stress tests weekly and by the time I hit 30 
weeks I was seeing the doc every week and having 2 non stress tests a week 
(they were very cautious)!  I had ultrasounds done at 9 weeks, 15 weeks, 19 
weeks, 25 weeks, and 32 weeks. My son was ALWAYS bigger then he was supposed 
to be for each ultrasound. usually the 90% range. As far as my BG control 
with the pump it was pretty good. I had MONTHLY A1c's and was followed by a 
perinatologist who specialized in Diabetes.  When it came time for the 
delivery I took off my pump and was put on an IV drip for the first 24 hours 
after my c-section which worked out fine. I needed next to no insulin at all 
and the nurses were great about asking me what I wanted them to do with the 
insulin.  I took my own sugars when they wanted and more if I felt they were 
needed.  After 24 hours I started up my pump again on a flat rate basal of 
0.5 and did not need more for a week or so. I did breasted and have not had 
any problems with lows as long as I remembered to eat after feeding my son!  

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