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[IP] Re: Carbs in Candy Floss/Cotton Candy

Maybe us Canadians just call it something different, but I'm sure that 
everyone knows what Candy Floss/Cotton Candy is when they see it.  And my 
little girl has always wanted to have it, it looks so pretty.  But I too have 
never dared.
So those of you who have seen packaged stuff with nutritional guidelines, how 
many carbs are in a wad?   I know the amount on the paper cones can vary 
enormously, but give us some clue!
Shelly, perhaps the person making it might be able to give you an idea, if 
you don't come up with any other guidelines.  
Claire is really looking forward to having a pump and being given a bit more 
leeway in what she can eat.  Though this past week, being a sunny day and 
March break up here in the Ontario Arctic (terrible winter this year) I let 
her have the first milkshake of her life.  Her blood glucose was awful of 
course, but no worse than today when she didn't eat anything unusual. 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 6 
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