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[IP] Re:carb requirements at restaurants

In a message dated 3/19/01 7:47:40 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I agree with you!  Chevys Mex restaurant was pretty rude to me 
> about it too, in email.
> IMO, any restaurant that's big enough to have photographs in their 
> menus outta have nutrient labels available (such as McD's and 
> such already have).  Small mom-and-pops I wouldn't expect it, of 
> course.
> But, restaurants like Choice, Red Lobster, Chevys, El Torito, 
> Benihana, etc etc etc definitely SHOULD.
> Probably would take lots more pressure from us.  And from the 
> newer low carb community too.

I know that McDonalds & Dairy Queen have a list that they offer.  You just 
have to ask them about it.  In fact when I asked for it at Dairy Queen the 
manager brought it from his office & was really nice about it.  They are not 
required by law to have this on hand but, I think if you went to the 
restaurants website & complained about it they would probably send you one.  
I am sure they must have the information somewhere.  I think their should be 
a law requiring that they have it like food label laws.
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