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pregnant pumping Re: [IP] Betsy Polley's Profile

--On Monday, March 19, 2001 1:36 PM -0600 Sherry Compton 
<email @ redacted> wrote:r
> induce labor or schedule a c-section closer to the first of May.  Did you
> wear your pump throughout the labor?  Did the birthing center docs try to
> take it away or seem afraid of it? Were your babies large? (At barely 29
> wks mine seemed to weigh over 4lbs according to my last ultrasound.)  Did
> you have to go be checked every week or even twice a week your last month?

Hi! Glad there are other pregnant pumpers here!
First, I delivered at a tertiary care women's hospital where they were 
pretty familiar with pumps, so I did not get any negativity from the 
doctors or staff there. Also, my diabetes doctor and OB wrote my orders 
that I could handle all my diabetes care myself...from diet, to insulin 
doses, etc. So they didn't even have the dietitian go over my menu choices 
or anything. They did make me report my insulin doses and BG, but they let 
me make those decisions. I would urge your doctor to make sure your orders 
are written so that you can handle all that.

As far as delivery, with my first, I had pre-eclampsia and was induced 6 
wks early. Being my first I didn't know what to expect and when they asked 
if I wanted to keep my pump on, I said, no, I'd rather let someone else 
worrry about my diabetes while I was focused on the labor and delivery. 
Also I had so many iv lines in I figured it was just as easy for them to 
put the insulin in through a line.  I regret taking my pump out - I'm so 
used to correcting a BG immediately.. and I didn't like having to wait for 
them to react after I would test and need a correction, and I wasn't happy 
with the corrections I made...after all this time I just can't trust my 
diabetes to anybody else! They also let my blood sugar get very high. They 
assumed I would need less insulin during the delivery/postpartum and cut me 
too far back.

My second delivery I kept my pump in and it was MUCH MUCH better. I did 
find that my BGs were dropping during labor, but not too fast. I just cut 
back my boluses a little.  I was told that most women need little to no 
insulin during labor and postpartum....that was NOT true for me and I had a 
lot of problems with high bgs those first few days until I straightened it 
all out.  I did nurse both babies, although they were both in NICU - baby 1 
for a week and a half, baby 2 for 2 days.  Baby 1 had a few problems 
related to being so premature, and she also had low blood sugar. Baby 2 
only had low blood sugar, and was out of the NICU within 2 days.

Baby 1 was 6 weeks early and weighed 5 lbs, 14 oz, which is big for being 
that early.
Baby 2 was 4 weeks early and weighed 6 lbs 8 oz, also big for that early - 
I think about 75th percentile for both of them.

Both my babies were induced early because I got pre-eclampsia, but my OB 
does induce diabetics usually about 2 weeks early.  Also I started on 
weekly non-stress tests at 28 weeks, and weekly ultrasounds started at 34 
I think this is enough for now! I look forward to hearing more about 
pregnancy and pumping.
Oh, and I have always found that pump tape does not stick very well in the 
last trimester - it's like the skin is stretched too tight to hold the tape 
or something. I end up changing my pump site daily in the last trimester - 
I thought that was a PAIN.
- betsy

Betsy Polley
email @ redacted
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