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[IP] Re: No scents law

>YAY! I'm one of those who can hardly walk down the laundry soap aisle, sit >near a perfume wearer - or a smoker who is not smoking.

ug, me too! A little light scent in moderation I do not mind, but it is
the folks who smell like they bathed in the perfume and never rinsed
that are the problem. I don't think it is just that I am being
"oversensitive" about it because I usually end up with nausea and a
migrane which puts me out of commission for several hours. So it is not
just a "small inconvenience". But smoking is by far the worst -  besides
the irritation I don't like other people endagering my health. Here in
Ames, they have just passed a law which bans smoking in all public
places (including bars!) until about 8pm.
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