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Re: [IP] Betsy Polley's Profile

In a message dated 3/19/2001 12:42:42 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Technically my due date is May 30, but they keep telling me we may induce 
labor or schedule a c-section closer to the first of May.  >>

When I was pregnant in 1990 - 91 I was also told that I should induce early, 
but all my life I had wanted to experience a "real" birth. As it turns out I 
waited until I was about 10 days overdue to induce since I never went into 
labor. My daughter was delivered by C-Section (after about 18 hours of 
nonproductive induced labor) at 9# 4oz. Not bad for a type I with an overdue 
baby. I'm too old and too busy to do it again, but I still wish I had the 
more "normal" birth experience. I was on shots at the time and found the 
hospital a hard place to be in terms of meals and shots (they thought they 
knew better than me).  I finally persuaded them to let me take my own insulin 
and to figure out how much I needed. My daughter is wonderful and it was all 
worth it. She will be 10 in May.

I'm still working a bit on my basals, but the am's are getting better. 
For some reason I need about 2 times the amount of basal between 12 - 7am.

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