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"I am 34 and have had diabetes since age 7. I have used the disetronic for
about 6 years. I have two daughters ages 3 years and 18 mos, and am
expecting a boy in June - both girls were induced prematurely (6 weeks
and 4 weeks early, respectively) due to pre-eclampsia, but I have been on
the pump for all three pregnancies and my diabetes management has been
very good.  I have proliferative retinopathy and have had multiple laser
treatments in each eye. I live in Pittsburgh PA."

Hello, Betsy.  Welcome to the group!  I am expecting my first, a boy, in May. Technically my due date is May 30, but they keep telling me we may induce labor or schedule a c-section closer to the first of May.  Did you wear your pump throughout the labor?  Did the birthing center docs try to take it away or seem afraid of it? Were your babies large? (At barely 29 wks mine seemed to weigh over 4lbs according to my last ultrasound.)  Did you have to go be checked every week or even twice a week your last month?
Please tell me anything you can share about how the pump worked out for you while you were in the hospital and how your levels were effected by the pregnancy and right after delivery.  I'm curious to see how your basals reacted right after your babies were born.
You can respond to me privately if you think no one else here wants to hear it, but we've been having several threads about being preggers lately, so I don't think anyone will mind.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Feeling the weight of Babyzilla on my bladder today like a ten pound bowling ball
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