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Re: [IP] Sleep walkers?

Kevin Neth wrote

>Has anyone else had problems wish unhooking their pump in the night due to
>sleepwalking?  I woke up with a high suger today because i took off my pump
>in my sleep.  Just wondering if anyone else has been through this.

I disconected from the pump once, but that was due to a night time hypo. I 
woke up in the morning, and felt kind of sick. A peak at the infusion set 
showed me the awful fact. Then a cloady memory of having a hypo and sleepen 
of again came to me. My BG had rised to 270. Luckily I noticed in time befor 
the ketones became to high.

Since then nothing like this has happened.
DX 96, 507C 2000
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