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Re: [IP] Red Lobster Discussion

>   You are saying that there are laws where you live that say if you wear
>some kind of aeromatic substance, you will not be allowed to dine there?
>What do they do they do, walk up to you and sniff you?

If I said that there were laws to this effect, it was a typo.  I thought i
said:  Next thing to law".

Public buildings have the "no scents" requirement although their cafes do
not have carb listings for the foods they serve.  The whole scent and
hpyer-alergic thing here is big in the news and there are public lobbies ot
ban by law all scented products.  I think this is years away here in CA but
I do understand the problems this must cause for those who are
hyper-alergic.  I think we diabetics deserve equal billing though as far as
mandatory carb listings on at least pre-packaged foods.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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