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[IP] waterproofness of the disetronic

My profile just posted, so I hope it is okay to jump in with a post 
already. I sought out this mailing list because today I just got the letter 
from Disetronic saying they can no longer recommend wearing the pump in the 
water because some people have had water leak into their pump through 
cracks in the casing, and somehow the water interfered with the electronics 
and caused over-delivery of insulin. Sounded like some people had some 
serious lows as a result.

I'm interested in hearing whether people plan to stop wearing their 
disetronics in the water. I have been wearing a disetronic for 6 years now 
and even though I use the Tender sets that you can disconnect, I've always 
showered without disconnecting the pump - I find it much easier that trying 
to keep track of the little caps you have to put on when you disconnect, 
especially with toddlers around the house.  I really don't want to start 
disconnecting it every time I take a shower.

That said, every time I've sent my pumps in for inspection (every two years 
with disetronics) they found cracks in the casing and had to replace my 
pump. The cracks were not noticeable and I never knew they were there. 
However, even though I had cracks I never had problems with malfunctions. 
The disetronic letter said when they intentionally cracked the casings and 
submerged them in water, they weren't able to replicate the overdelivery 
problem - they always got an electronic alarm and the pump automatically 
went into stop mode.

How dangerous do people think it is to keep using the pump in the water, 
and does anybody have any more detail on the cases of hypoglycemia that 
spurred on this new recommendation not to use disetronics in the water.
Betsy Polley
email @ redacted
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