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Re: [IP] Red Lobster Discussion

   You are saying that there are laws where you live that say if you wear 
some kind of aeromatic substance, you will not be allowed to dine there?  
What do they do they do, walk up to you and sniff you?  I don't understand, 
what if you use a soap that has a strong scent or your laundry detergent 
smells nice? What do you have to do, go buy some that are unscented? 
I'm not trying to make a big deal about this, but I just feel like so many 
people make so many things unreasonable! Some people are so anal-retentive! 
They have nothing better to do than to make life miserable for everyone 
around them.
I'm just glad I live in an area where the biggest problem is not being able 
to actually speak the language!  LOL...  No hablo espanol !!! :o)~

Sorry to vent, 
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